Gums and Resins

Gums and Resins: Gums and resins have had important effects on human life from many decades ago till contemporary time.  But unfortunately the use of synthetic products has increased in modern life and so that it is important to try to use natural gums and resins more. They can be widely utilized in nutrient and pharmaceutical industries up to varnishes and colours’ production. Our main products are gum galbanum (Ferule) and tragecanth.

Gum Tragacanth: Ourproducts are delivered in different classes, qualities, and packages; gum tragacanth as a raw material is produced in Ribbon orFalke classes and packed mostly in 25 – 100 kg bags while tragacanth powder is also produced packed in 50 kg paper bags or even drums based on our clients demands.

Asafoetida Soft Pink and Galbanum: Because of our quick and direct contacts to the origin and also collectors, we supply and deliver Galbanumwith reliable quality and quantity based on our clients orders and demands.